Corey Sine - Level Designer

Contributed landmarking, area theming, gameplay event scripting, layout improvements, gameplay object placement, LOD/shader optimizations, and bug fixing throughout Gears of War 4 maps including Forge and Relic.

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I created the map Crash from design concept to release. The narrative involves a military helicopter crashing and the players searching for survivors. The helicopter serves as a landmark for the middle of the map. Zombie like enemies spawn from Enemy Spawn Zones and players must fend them off in waves. Most notable design decisions I pushed on were pickups placed closer to enemy spawns and room entrances to encourage players holding the line, or pushing through enemy attacks to acquire. Other pickups are placed in small deadends to add an additional risk.

One way escape routes are placed throughout to give players an exit strategy when overwhelmed and move players through the map, rather than camping or being cornered for the whole match. Overall the map was a success in being tense, strategic and utilizing much of the space through a match.

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I directed all levels based on lore from the Heavy Gear franchise and real world locations. I designed layouts and constructed maps built for large open battles between fast moving mechs.

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